ProGrind CS  CNC Cylindrical Grinder for Precision Grinding

ProGrind CS Cylindrical Grinder

The ProGrind CS OD Cylindrical Grinder is available in several configurations for working between centers, chucking and with special workholding.  Its rugged construction and composite filled base, full grinding enclosure and high spindle speeds makes it the right choice for conventional, CBN or diamond wheel grinding. The CNC control system uses a touch screen to modify grinding parameters. 

Whether the application is shaft grinding, tool grinding or medical parts made from steel, carbide or ceramics, the ProGrind CS delivers precision parts.  It is also available with custom automatic loaders or robot loading.

ProGrind CS Specifications

Grinding between centers
Between centers grinding
ProGrind CS Grinder
Chucking with special part locator
and workhead mounted dresser.
ProGrind CS Cylindrical Grinder
Chucking and centered with in-
process gauging and
workhead mounted dresser.



ProGrind CSU  Universal Cylindrical Grinder

ProGrind Universal Cylindrical Grinder with wheel set, straight, 5C collet and in-process gauging



The ProGrind CSU universal OD grinder adds spindle rotation up to 30 degrees to permit grinding of shoulders and diameters.

Shown with a direct drive workhead, ProGrind rotary diamond dresser for maintaining wheel form, precision tailstock, special workholding and in-process gauging.

ProGrind CSU Specifications

ProGrind Universal Cylindrical Grinder ProGrind Universal Cylindrical Grinder


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